Who runs this place anyway?

I am a mom.  I am a wife.  I am an avid runner.  I am a creative visionary.  I am woman and this is my ROAR!  Okay, that was completely dramatic.   This is a blog about being a mom.

Initially inspired by a group of women who embarked on training to run a half marathon.  This blog is dedicated to them who are great women beyond being incredible moms.


4 responses to “Who runs this place anyway?

  1. I am 150% a cheerleader for this event….I am so excited to watch you ladies ROCK 13 miles and be with you along the way with gummy worms, gels, water whatever you may need! Mommy Runner’s are AWESOME!

  2. Awesome run last Saturady. I have NEVER ran at a 10 min pace!!! I was wiped out but glad to be pushed:) Thanks ladies!

  3. you ladies are truly amazing… i’ll be rooting for you too!! what an incredible accomplishment! 🙂

  4. Heidi Kuipers

    Great job ladies! You are over half way there! Way to push each other and stick to those hill workouts…they are never fun, but they will make you a stronger runner in the end! Happy Running 🙂

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