Three is when you first went to preschool. You were beyond excited to get your big girl bed. You had discovered a deep love for cupcakes. You would sing songs like “What’s the Weather” and “Twinkle, Twinkle.” You loved to play at the park.  Anytime we went to some place that had a water table you loved to stick your hands in and play.  You were into playing with characters.  You had a Mickey Mouse clubhouse set, a Cars set and a Nemo set.  You would pick up a character and create a world around you. What fun it was to be three.

It was the year that you had a few intense sicknesses. I remember our first visit to the emergency room. You had some sort of croup and couldn’t breathe. The ride over in the car was enough for you to be able to breathe again. The ER doctor explained that getting in the cold air upright was a good way to help you out.  It taught me a lesson as a mom to understand how to watch your symptoms and not freak out at every little thing.


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