Do you have a leap list?

What in the world is a leap list? I have seen a few Honda commercials about completing your leap list. But what is it exactly?

According to Go Mom inc., The Leap list, ” is designed to help you focus on your dreams, be mindful of the milestones, and get out in front of any road blocks to take steps to make your goals a reality while living a lifestyle you truly love. ”

Here are some from Go Mom Inc.  practical tips to writing your own.

1. It’s all about choosing the next big milestone in your life. Whether its having kids, getting married, or buying a home, it works for us all. If you are older, you are working on sending your kids to college, buying a vacation home at a bargain price, maybe you are retiring, or moving to southern california to start a new career with Honda ~ it happens.

2. Choose 10 items that you really want to accomplish BEFORE you reach that milestone. So it can be little things or big things. Every day things that don’t actually happen every day, like landscaping yard, the garage, taking all that junk in the garage to the recycling center, taking the dogs to get professionally groomed every once in a while, or going on that trek to Mammoth.

3. Then get social. Sign onto Facebook to connect and there you can share and save your Leap List with your friends and family on your profile page and your news feed. You can also rally your community to work on their own list and learn more about how they can live the lifestyle that truly fits their goals.

Here is my local leap list for Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area.

1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge – CHECK!

2. Take a ferry to Alcatraz

3. Eat at The French Laundry

4. Visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with Isabella and Parker

5. Visit Skywalker ranch and/or  Lucasfilm Studios

6. Ride a San Francisco trolley

7. Run a half marathon in San Francisco. Preferably the one where I get a Tiffany necklace at the end.

8. Take a family trip to the Russian river.

9. Write a play. Rent a theater. Direct a performance for a weekend showing.

10. Go on a weekend getaway with my man to the white sands of Carmel.

This would be ideal to accomplish before I turn 40 years old. What is your leap list?


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