Hello, Twenty Dozen!

The holiday season had ended.  No more bustling around to fun parties. No more  dessert lurking around every corner.  All the beautiful moments with friends and family have been packed away very neatly like your ornaments resting in the decoration box.

Now it is time to get back to “normal” life.  In spite of all the wonderful festivities, it feels relatively nice to start with a nice, clean slate for 2012 or as Jimmy Fallon would put it Happy Twenty Dozen.

Sometimes you have to look back before you look forward

The time has come to say goodbye to 2011 and start a brand new chapter.  Reminiscing can be a good way to inspire you for the next year.  For our family, 2011 did not turn out the way that we initially thought it would.  Who knew that we would be moving in the middle of the year to a different state?  Who knew that in some ways, we would be starting from scratch?  So, many of the 2011 goals went along by the wayside and chalked up to good ideas based on the current circumstance rather than true attainable goals.  But when life offers  you a curve ball that you did not plan for and sometimes you have to swim with the current until you get your bearings and learn a few lessons long the way.

Are you ready to say farewell to yesteryear? Here is an amazing way to grab a latte, have some alone time and say goodbye to 2011.  It’s not too late.  It is still the first of the year.  Simplemom.net offers a great questionnaire and article for you to reminisce.

She also offers questions to help you set some goals for 2012.  Click here to read her blog article.

Let’s get this party started…

Now that the farewell has been accomplished.   It is time to look forward.   In some way, new years resolutions are not that resolute because by February the gym is less crowded and habit has not become a lifestyle.  But instead making a list of things you wish you could change.  What if you put together a clear vision or a beautiful  manifesto to keep reminding you to move forward and not give up even if you give into that box of cookies?  What if you had a picture or group of words that would be a constant reminder to train, practice  and ultimately cross the finish line?

For the past several years, I have had a vision board mounted on a cork board.  It is a board to remind me what I love and what I want to do.  Basically a visual road map for the year.   I had used the same format for quite a while and 2012 signaled it was time for a change. Here is what I came up with..

Instead of writing out a list of goals  for the year, I decided to do pictures of things to remind me.  Before I had a list of goals and separate pictures nicely tacked to the cork.  This year I decided to make a collage poster.  It is 22 by 35 inches.  The header decorated with pictures from the year prior.  A simple statement of the theme of the year, A Year to Flourish.   Then separate blocks to inspire action towards personal goals.   Let’s just say,  I am so in love with this new look.

After I completed this pictorial 2012 manifesto, a friend of mine told me about craftgawker.com.  Like Pinterest, with the exception it lends itself to DIY projects.  I found a few creative ways to set your goals as a visual reminder.  This 2012 manifesto is from creatingclever.com.

This one is from thirtyhandmadedays.com.

She also created one for kids.  What a fun way to remember together.

Remember, even though New Years Eve is long gone.  You still can take some proper time to say goodbye and say, “Hello, Twenty Dozen!”  Happy New Year!


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