Did someone say Holiday Cookie Exchange?

Recently, my family caught me by surprise and flew me up to Seattle for our annual tradition titled Cookie Baking Extravaganza.  Six women in our family get together with various recipes and bake for nine hours straight.  We produce dozens of cookies and holiday treats that cover three 8ft tables.   It is spectacular!  Not to mention,  a perfect set up for a holiday cookie exchange party.


The holidays are here with the weather shifting and the leaves quickly moving through complimenting hues. The time has come to light the fire, froth a steaming cup of hot chocolate, curl up on the couch and peruse through your baking cookbook to find the perfect cookie.

It is time to get your game face on and discover the masterpiece that will wow your friends at the next holiday cookie party exchange. Simply put, if you have no cookie exchange parties on your horizon then you need to host one. The benefits outweigh the effort you are about to make. Number one: you will have many baked goods to choose from to pass on to your neighbors, boss, coworkers, hairdressers, teachers, garbage men, mail men and don’t forget your favorite barista. Number two: a fun project will keep you from the blue mood of winter. Number three: you will have endless amounts of sweets to keep you laughing and motivate you to attend the gym an extra day a week. Overall: it creates ample opportunities to create community and get you out of your comfort zone.

So, how do you host a Holiday Cookie Exchange party?


Start with your guest list. You can base it on the size of the location, the number of cookies that you want to receive or how many friends you have. Whatever the reason, take out your handy pen and write down a list of names that you would like to invite and make them bake delicious holiday treats.


This part is very important. Unlike normal invitations that merely state the date, time and location, this invitation will include very specific instructions. You will need to include the number of treats that they need to bring. The next part is where you can get creative. Adding a creative component to the party helps people let down their guard, open up and express themselves. Last year, we hosted a cookie exchange based on two primary directives. One being that the cookies had to be beautifully packaged and secondly each attendee had to come wearing their apron. These two creative challenges took the party to a whole new level. Not only did it involve creative brainstorming, but it added a hint of fun competition with a nice prize for the two winners. Here is an invitation sample.


Is your mouth watering yet? These are Red Velvet Cake Balls from bakerella.com. These yummy treats are delicious. Here is the recipe from Bakerella to create this yummalicious treats.  You can take it a step further and make Christmas cake pops.

Aren’t these reindeer cute? Make sure you carve out some time to create these delightful treats. Here is the recipe.

Martha Stewart always has some delightful recipes to choose from.


Recently, I found this amazing Holiday Cookie exchange template from thebusybudgetingmomma.com. For 25.00, you can receive the following:


  • 2 Cookie Ballots on a 8.5×11 PDF
  • 4 Blank…3.5″x4.5″ Tented Cards (4 different styles) on a 8.5×11 PDF(added fee for numbered tented cards…contact for details.)
  • 4 Award Tags on 2, 8.5×11 PDF’s
  • 10 Pencil Flags on a 8.5×11 PDF
  • 6 Favor Gift Tags on a 8.5×11 PDF


  1. Customize the date
  2. Customize the message! (example: “Happy Valentines’ Day!”….”Happy New Year!” instead of “Merry Christmas
  3. Customize the colors. choose 2.

The Busy Budgeting mama created this design set and it is available on Etsy.


Put together a little party gift for your guests. It could be a simple cookie cutter, a beautiful cookie or mocha mix in a mason jar. I also liked what the busy budgeting momma offered as a suggestion which is pictured above.

Are you inspired yet to discover your cookie, put on your apron, toss flour everywhere in your kitchen and bake a million cookies? If so, please let me know what cookie or holiday treat that you would choose to bring to the cookie exchange? Or better yet revisit this post after your party and tell us how it went. Happy Baking!


One response to “Did someone say Holiday Cookie Exchange?

  1. One of THE best days of the year in our family…cookies, cookies, cookies!!! Love you sis!

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