It’s a Disney kind of birthday


Do you remember your fifth birthday?  I remember it vividly.   In fact, the year of five contains many of my first memories as a child.   My parents decorated the garage with a big happy birthday sign and invited all my school and church friends.  We played musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and hit the nail in the board.  Yes, I did just say, “hit the nail in the board!”  My mom said it was a hit no pun intended.  From that fantastic experience as a child, I wanted Isabella’s fifth birthday to be very memorable.

We invited our immediate family to join us in celebrating her big number five to the land that Walt built.   This little girl is a professional Disneyland attendee since she has graced the park since she was seventeen months old.  What better way to start off her fifth birthday than Tinkerbell style?

Did you know about the birthday button?  Well, if it is your birthday and you are at Disneyland then you get a personalized button for free at the ticket booth. The birthday button is designed to make anyone celebrating a birthday feel super special.  Upon seeing this blue spherical object, each Disneyland employee will wish you a “Happy Birthday” by name.  Isabella loved it.  She made sure that every employee saw her special button for this special day.

We planned an outfit for each day of attendance.  The first day she wore Tinkerbell.  The second day she decided Ariel would be perfect.  The third day she put on Alice in Wonderland.  Then on the fourth day she was supposed to be Snow White, but something happened.  She changed her mind. The Snow White costume somehow got axed.  Who could blame her though?  She was a perfect Alice.

This was Isabella’s  entourage.   Her four grandparents, three aunts, one uncle, mommy, daddy and three adorable cousins.   All fourteen of us roamed around the parks and due to our even number no one ever had to ride alone.

If I could sum up the entire trip into one picture.  It would be this Isabella and her cousin Lauren holding hands and talking all throughout the park.  It was such a beautiful sight that it brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart.  phonetically speaking, AH-DOR-ABLE!

What would your birthday be like  if it included a princess lunch at Ariel’s Grotto?

A. Utter Bliss
B. Sheer Horror
C. Complete Happiness

The answer for Isabella is both A and C.

The food was delicious.  The weather was perfect.  Seriously, it was one of those moments you wanted to freeze and camp out in for a few days.

Even daddy had a good time at the happiest place on earth.   Parker is generally  not a big fan of this happy location.   He does not like crowds.  He does not like rides that make you sick to your stomach.    But for the first time he actually enjoyed himself.  The park had just celebrated Halloween and was in complete transition for the up and coming Christmas season so the crowd level was at an all time low.   At times, it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.   On top of it, he had company when he did not ride the crazy rides.  Both his brother and dad have a strong aversion to spinning,  flipping, swirling and rolling so while he waited for the fearless girls to take on a fast and fun ride.  He  chilled with the guys.

On our last day at Disney, ABC was taping their Christmas show for the holiday season.  It just so happened that One Republic was their featured Christmas musical guest.  We got to hear “Good Life” twice by the band LIVE!   The chorus of the song  really put the exclamation point on the end of a really great vacation at Disney.

Oh, this is gotta be the good life
This is gotta be the good life
This could really be the good life, oh


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