In case you didn’t know….

In case you did not know already, I started another blog with my husband Parker titled    It highlights five different fun categories  INSPIREDgenerosity, INSPIREDmarketing, INSPIREDparties, INSPIREDromance and INSPIREDthoughts.

INSPIREDgenerosity – here you will find inspiring stories of how people went beyond themselves, gave to others and how you can participate.  Click here to  read about TOMS social business model that directly relates to giving back.


INSPIREDmarketing – here you will find fresh ideas and examples on brand and product communication.   Click here to read about how Steve Jobs thought different.  In his own words, “I want to put a ding in the universe.” Steve Jobs.


INSPIREDparties – here you will find thoughts on life’s celebrations.  Click here to read about how to host your own tea party.


INSPIREDromance – here you will find motivating musings for romantic moments.  Click here to read about being twitterpated.


INSPIREDthoughts – here you will find general thoughts of inspiration from esoteric daydreams to concrete commerce.  Click here to read about Kate, an inspiring story about seeing a dream go from an idea to reality.

Our hope is that you will be inspired and have a lot of fun reading it.  Enjoy!




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