Pick your own Pumpkin Day


We decided to drive out to Half Moon Bay to Arata Farms to pick up our pumpkins.  It is roughly an hour away from Berkeley right next to the Pacific Ocean.


We chose this particular pumpkin patch due to its location and the river of pumpkins.  Does it live up to its’ name?  I think so!


We considered taking this one home, but our car was not suitable for the transport back to Berkeley.  Yes, that was a joke!  Isn’t that pumpkin outrageous?


Isabella dolled herself up for the pumpkin patch by putting her hair bows in earlier that morning.  She had six hair bows in her hair and I talked her into three.  But somehow a fourth bow appeared in the pictures.    I wondered how that happened?  My determined little fashionista.   When she sees an outfit that she likes, she says, “Mom, that is so FASHION!”


A monkey bar was suspended between two large hay bales.  It took Isabella a bit to master her fear and cross the great divide.  But she did it using a gorilla style of movement.   I wonder if she was inspired by the sculpture behind her?


Usually they feature sword fights as a part of the festivities, but apparently something went awry that Saturday.  Hopefully nothing too serious that required stitches.


They had so many fun pumpkins, hybrids and squashes to choose from.  It was a pumpkin free for all!


We each chose a pumpkin to represent our autumn perspective.  Parker chose green.  I chose white and Isabella chose orange.


It was quite a fun day had by all.


Happy Pumpkin Day!


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