Celebrating that we work! Good ‘ol Labor Day!


1. In honor of Labor Day, we had LUNCH WITH DADDY

What better way to start off Labor Day weekend than having lunch with Daddy at a little French bistro near his office? Parker has been raving about this lamb burger with bleu cheese for weeks now. We finally came to see daddy’s office and try out this tasty sandwich. Unfortunately, they discontinued this particular menu item. Bummer! But we did enjoy a lovely little lunch and Isabella was thrilled to see all the toilet bidet seat covers in his office. We did have to tell her that she could not use any on the show room. Now, that would be a disaster!

Unlike Miss Leefolt’s daughter in The Help, who sat her two-year old bum down on a pink toilet on Hilly’s front lawn. I read the book and absolutely loved it, a page-turner indeed. It’s such a great story about friendship and tearing down racial walls. Of course, the movie is never as good as the book , but I do have to admit it is so enjoyable to watch. I hope the Academy nominates Bryce Dallas Howard for supporting actress. She should win an Oscar with her mean performance as Hilly Hollbrook. Brilliant.


2. In honor of Labor Day, we took a STEAM TRAIN RIDE

Since we did not get the opportunity to ride Thomas the Train this year. We replaced the trip with a ride on a mini-steam train located in Tilden Regional Park. Isabella had to wear her Thomas the Train t-shirt created by Ms. Christy Cowan, of course!

Christy is a dear friend of mine and she is hyper-talented not only can she sew, create amazing projects, plan beautiful parties, but she has quite the eye for photography. If you are looking to do portrait sessions for Christmas cards or just a fresh family picture, please hire her! You can reach her through her website www.christycowanphotography.com/


3. In honor of Labor Day, we ate gourmet TREATS and sipped really, really good coffee!

I have been salivating over Miette for at least a month now! I discovered her through an email recommendation about her new pastry cookbook.

Her pastries are artful, small and beautifully decorated. We inhaled her yummy macaroons and they were simply delicious.


Good coffee compliments yummy treats. We found the perfect latte at the Blue Bottle. It was divine. Reminiscent of Stump Town in Seattle.

Thinking of Seattle, I do truly miss all my friends and community in Seattle a great deal. But I do not miss the weather. Wait, I do miss that my car was consistently clean and I only had to go to the car wash on occasion. But I do have to admit that my heart has fallen in love with the sunshine state and from what I am told that it will be nice until November.


Six months of summer from May to November?

Shut the front door!

Call all my friends.

Let’s have a party!!!!

“Everywhere you go always take the weather with you.” -Crowded House,1996


Back to our Labor Day celebrating, where did all the treats take place? Well, we went to the Ferry Marketplace on Pier One. It housed so many delightful little gourmet shops unlike the kitschy, touristy feel of other piers. The Ferry Marketplace offered good taste of San Francisco culinary delights.

I think I pulled that last phrase off of Top Chef. I love that show. I don’t like cooking, but I do like watching people cook in various competitions. Not Iron Chef though. Just Top Chef. I think the next Top Chef is in San Antonio, Texas. It is set to air on Bravo TV on November 2nd. I can’t wait to hear them talk about “amuse bouche”, “confit” and “duck two ways with fennel compote.”


4. In honor of Labor Day, we took a ride on a space ship, spinning chair, rock slide and carousel .

Okay, maybe not a ride on the space ship, but it was fun to write. Along the waterfront, they have all these decorative sculptures. Perfect photo op for photography fanatic like me.


This is a huge bow and arrow for some reason Isabella keeps calling it a gun. I am not sure why. But hey, it makes for a nice ornament next to the Bay.


These spinning chairs were a hit. You are able to get a 360 degree view of the bay while sitting down. It actually was one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend.


This was Isabella’s first ride by herself down a cement rock slide. You are supposed to have a piece of cardboard underneath you to make the ride a bit smoother and faster, but she was a bit nervous so she lost the cardboard and daddy had to help her out.


Golden Gate Park is a carnival of entertainment. We have barely scratched the surface in exploring this beautiful park. The children’s part itself is gigantic. It has several play structures hooked together. It is truly a kid’s dream. It also includes a historical carousel from 1912. www.golden-gate-park.com


5. In honor of Labor Day, we ate at Mel’s Drive in.

The famed location of the film American Graffiti. It offered an Americana style menu along with the atmosphere of 1950 yesteryear. The waiters and waitresses donned the era’s attire complete with a jukebox spouting out old rock and roll. Yes, the food was calorie free! .


Okay, no, I meant a big calorie fest! The apple pie a la mode was downright yummy by the way.


The best part was that we got a new car for our princesses to ride. Thank you Labor Day for rewarding us heaps of fun to last us until next year!

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