The happiest place on earth


The last vacation of the summer.  Sigh!  How in the world did those sunny days fly by so quickly?  I am not sure, but it is important to say good-bye to this season in a proper, celebratory way.   What a better way than taking a road trip to see my parents en route to Disneyland?   First, we had to make a pit stop at In and Out Burger.   If you have never been there please don’t forget to order off the secret menu.   I ordered the “animal style” version for my hamburger.  I should have included the fries as well, but I was attempting at being relatively good to start off  my vacation.


The drive down highway 101 was amazing.   Harvest being just around the corner showed off the plump vineyards, beautiful yellow fields and thick, rich green scenery  which gave the ultimate eye candy on the drive down.  After a night at my parents, we set out for Los Angeles.  My favorite part of the drive is from Santa Barbara to Carpenteria.  It has stunning views of the oceans and of course the signature palm trees.


We stayed at a hotel just across from the park so we were able to enjoy the evening fireworks in full color.   This was a perfect replacement for the fourth of July because  we were quite a distance away from the fireworks and it wasn’t the same  so this made up for it.  Disney style that is…


This marks the day that I became an official annual, card-carrying member of the happiest place on earth.   Now, Isabella and I have access to Disneyland often.  So if you are ever headed down there give us a call and we may be able to join you!


Isabella is a Disneyland veteran. Thanks to her Papa and Nana.  This has been their bonding place since my parents moved away five years ago.  I remember when she first went to Disneyland.   My dad said that she didn’t care about the land of Disney and  seemed content to look at her shoes as she walked around the park.   That is until she saw her first parade…


Hello sistas!  These are my girlfriends for life.   Shelly is on the left and Abi is on the right.  Can you tell we are related?  We have a few similarities thanks to my dad.


Many of you may have wondered where Isabella has gotten her blue eyes and blonde hair because both Parker and I have dark hair and dark eyes?  Well, thanks to my mom and Parker’s mom who are both blonde hair and blue-eyed ladies they snuck their DNA in and claimed their granddaughter.   When we originally decided to name Isabella,  I had this image of a dark-eyed, dark-haired, olive-skinned little girl.  Much to my surprise my Isabella turned out to be quite the opposite which is perfect for Tinkerbell.


We waited an hour to finally meet this long-tressed princess.

Isabella was overjoyed.  Part of their conversation went like this.

Rapunzel: What do you like to play with?

Isabella: I like to play Angry Birds with my daddy.

Rapunzel:Why are the birds so angry?

Isabella: Because the stinky pigs stole their golden eggs.

Yep.  That was funny!

The saddest part of the day is when you have to leave.  But there is and always will be a next time.

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