Golden Gate Joy


After two and half months, we finally have driven over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was actually my first time to do so and I LOVED IT!   Typically, a thick fog nestles over the bridge, but that did not stop the hundreds of people from walking across the bridge sidewalk.  I look forward to crossing on foot someday, but on a less “froggy” day.  Isabella’s word for “foggy” is “froggy”.

This has been an ongoing car conversation with Isabella about the Golden Gate  each and every time we see it which is often.    However, she was shocked to discover that it was red though.  She kept asking, “Why is it red, daddy?”  Parker kept saying, “Because it is iconic.”  She thought it should be golden like its name.

We did cross the iconic red bridge with a plan and that was to go to the Bay Area Children’s Museum.  They had a Curious George exhibition which is Isabella’s new favorite monkey.  She wanted to bring him a banana because well, frankly,  monkeys love bananas.

Notice that she is leaning slightly away.  She was not a big fan of the statue for some reason.  Maybe was a little bummed that she did not get to meet the real Curious George.

The museum is found in an old army base and the buildings are divided into different ages for kids to play.  Isabella loved  Lookout Cove which is comprised of a  many little sections featuring a Fishing Boat, Sea Cave and Golden Gate Bridge under construction.

20110813-093916.jpgThe fun part is there is a view of the Golden Gate (Red) Bridge from different parts of the museum.


Then we drove over to Sausalito for some ice cream.  It is such a lovely sea side town reminiscent of Europe meets Alki Beach.


Incredible views of the city and marina.

Quaint little shops.

Seriously, such a fun little day trip! We heart the Golden Gate! When can we go again?

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