The adventure starts here

In our daily excursion to new parks, We found a very creative playground near the Berkeley Marina.  Here is the history of its development taken from the parks website.

The concept for Adventure Playground originated in Europe after World War II. A playground designer studied children playing in the at-the-time “normal” asphalt and cement playgrounds. He discovered that the children actually preferred playing in the dirt and lumber of the post-war rubble. He realized that children had the most fun designing and building their own equipment and manipulating their environment. Following this concept, Berkeley’s Adventure Playground was opened in 1978.

Now at first it could be a parents nightmare because it screams the words accident all over it.    I mean, you do have to sign a liability waiver upon entering.   However, I have discovered that my daughter is very careful and enjoys the zany park.  In order to get a hammer, 3 nails or paint and a paintbrush or a saw you have to turn in the following items to secure your tool.

Then you can go paint, tear apart certain structures and add new parts.  You can go koo-koo crazy Handy Manny style.

Warning: you do get paint on your clothes.

Safety first! You do find bad nails on the ground.  But with the fishing pole and string with a  little magnetic sphere attached to it like a metal detector provided by the park, you can make the playground safe.   Kids are constantly searching everywhere so they can turn it into to get their tools.

Notice the girl in the corner painting while Isabella is riding her horse.

A few construction restrictions like you can paint on the piano, but you cannot use the hammer or the saw.  It does make music.  A bit out of tune though.

Also, if you are six then you can take a ride on the zip line.  Isabella cannot wait until she old enough soar through the air.  She keeps saying, “When I am six then I can ride the zip line. ”  We have exciting goals to look forward to in our park adventures.

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