Summer vacation that never ends


The adventure of swirly goodness begins here.  It kind of feels like a perpetual vacation.  I am not sure if it is because the sun is consistently in the sky?  Or if we keep going on new adventures often?  Here is a peek at a few of the places we have been to over the past few weeks.

Every Sunday, we head up to Napa to go to church at the Father’s House.  My husband loves going to the country each weekend.  He says that it helps him relax.  The vineyards cover the hillside marked with picturesque trees.    It is very peaceful and refreshing place.  We have driven by this statue several times and I finally got a good picture of it.

We did a family walk down on the Berkeley Marina Pier.   It used to stretch 3.5 miles out into the bay now it only has about 3000 feet of usable pier.  Here’s a peek-a-boo view at the remnants of that pier.  It used to function as a ferry dock for those wanting to spend time in the city until the construction of the Bay Bridge.

There happened to be a wind surfing competition that day.  Wetsuits required.

Here is where the magic happens in Palo Alto.  Millions upon millions of users connect because of this little company.   There was even a corporate tech tour bus stopping by to take a few pictures.

Kate Spade store at Standford shopping center.  I loved the way they dressed this store.  So colorful.  So Kate.

La Baguette.  La Yummy.  A little french bakery in the middle of the outdoor mall.  There are no calories looking at this cake, right?

We watched an episode of Man VS. Food to discover this little gem of a sandwich shop in San Francisco.  The tongue in cheek titles pertaining to people and girlfriends.  I dined on the Spiffy Tiffy on  Dutch Crunch roll while Parker ate the Backstabber on a sour dough roll.  Yes, they were quite tasty.

The question you may be asking is what am I doing when I don’t go on these little adventures all over the Bay?  Well,  I am writing.   I am actively looking for the right preschool for miss Isabella.   I am spending time outside.   I am leading an Inspire Leadership group via Skype.   I am reading.  I am running.  I am meeting lots of interesting people.  I am spending time with family.  We have a quite a bit of family here.  My parents live south of us about three and a half hours.  We also have within a fifty mile radius two sets of grandparents, four uncles, two great uncles, three aunts and a whole grip of cousins.  It leans towards being a family reunion quite often which is a lot of fun.

I am baking at least once a week which is usually reserved to once a year.  But now I have the time to try out those great recipes.  Pictured above is Shortbread Candy Bars.

I found this little tea cafe for a little “alone” time.

It has this lovely garden area with a fountain in the back.  It so inspired me to one day have a garden.  I drank blueberry roobois tea and made lots of lists.  I love making lists.

Berkeley’s Aquatic  park has a train track right by it.   It has been deemed a “dreamland” play ground with it’s castle like structure nestled right next to water.   It is also heaven for all those tots who adore trains.  It whizzes by and sounds it horn.  Isabella squeals, “Mom, the train!  The train, mom!”

My favorite part of the day is when the sun is about to set.  It is called the charming time.  It is this perfect amber glow as the sun sets behind the horizon.

Happy  Summer and Happy Sunroof to you all!


2 responses to “Summer vacation that never ends


    Your life sounds like a dream, friend. I especially love your countryside trips to the Napa church. Miss you!

  2. We miss you tons Jen, Park and Isa. But, we are so happy to hear how well you are adjusting and the fun memories you are making. Cannot wait to see you in November at “the happiest place on earth!” Love you!

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