Super Sized Fourth of July!

This fourth of July weekend will go down in the history books as one of the best ever!

Holidays require pictures so getting pretty is very important for documentation. I would like to title this particular day: Beauty Saturday!


On our drive down, I decided to book a hair appointment.  Now, to some of you who have had your hairdresser for 15 + years this would be a rash decision without getting recommendations and such.  But since I have moved a few times in my short life, I have a system down.

First, I look up salons that carry the Goldwell  color line. .   This is a must for me.  I have been using this particular German based line for twenty years.  I absolutely love it and it has been good to my hair.

Secondly, I read reviews.  Thankfully the internet is full of opinions and experiences so if there are many red flags on salons that I won’t even call.

Finally, I call to see if they can fit me in.  Hep Kat was the winner.  Not to mention,  it has a bonus of being  a beauty salon and a  vintage clothing store.

Each time I change salons it’s a risk, but I always come prepared with a post it note that contains the exact formula from my last salon to make sure that I don’t end up purple.

By the way, Nicole from Hep Kat was great.   My color turned out perfect.  She had beautiful platinum hair and said she leaned towards being a perfectionist.  I happen to really like hairdressers who lean towards perfection.


After the hair was complete, we all headed to the pool to get that pasty white skin to disappear into a nice warm glow.  My daughter was trying to make friends with all the kids who had the best pool toys.  She likes to hang with the cool toys, I mean, cool kids.


Every beauty day needs a pedicure.  Right?  I mean,  if it is hot then you must wear sandals and sandals equals the world seeing your beautiful toes.   Pictured above is my mom, sister Abi, sister Shelly and Isabella.  I chose the Thrill of Brazil red for my tootsies.


Isabella asked for purple on her fingers and pink on her toes.  The lady asked if she wanted designs and she responded with can you make a mermaid and a fairy.   She ended up with a flower that looked like a firework.   My little miss could  not sit still so the lady had to re-do her design three times.  Wasn’t that nice?  She kept saying, “Sit still and I will give you cookies!”  Finally, I gave her my I phone to play games.  She did not move.  Who knew that the key to drying the toes of a four year old is letting her play with your I-phone.


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Sunday was all about quality time with the family.  We went to my dad’s church.  It was a great service.   Pictured above is my sister Shelly and Isabella.

Isabella loves her Aunt Shelly.  My sista is super talented on the keys as well as singing her heart out.   When I was twelve, I took piano lesson and after a year mixed with no patience I quit playing.  My sister started at the same time and continued until she mastered the black and white keys.  I, of course, wish that I would not have quit however I can always call on my sis to play a tune or two.


This is brunch at the club.  My parents live in a Trilogy development so after church we had a little brunch which include shoestring fries drizzled with truffle oil.  All I have to say is AH-MAY-ZING!


Then we headed to the movies to see SUPER 8!  Super 8 is great.  It is like every Steven Speilberg movie minus Raiders of the Lost Ark rolled into one.  It featured Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning’s little sister,  who will for sure make a name for herself outside her talented sibling.   Two enthusiastic thumbs up!  Not for kiddos though. Isabella went with Nana and Auntie to see Cars 2.  Then we finished off the day with frozen yogurt. Yum!


Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day!  We went to my parents neighborhood parade.   All of the neighbors decorate their golf carts and drive around the block.   This year a few horses were added as well as a fire engine.  Isabella ended up with a pile of candy.   Seriously, this was the best golf cart float!  The award for the most patriotic goes to this couple.


Water Balloon Toss. Yep, that’s right!  Red, white and water balloons!  I asked Isabella what was her favorite part of the day and she replied, “Water balloons, when can we do it again?”


I make this dish once a year.  I was inspired by Martha Stewart’s Living  a few years back with the Red, White and Blue parfait.  I modified the recipe by replacing the currant gelatin with strawberry jello.  It is light, refreshing and delish.


This is a new addition this year.  What is a celebration without a big chocolate chip cookie shaped like a heart?  Thanks to Toll House for a delightful recipe and Isabella for separating out the M and M’s.


We visited a family from my parent’s church who lives on a 2,000 acre ranch.  One of the daughters, Michelle, is a preschool teacher and she offers horse riding lessons for children so Isabella had her first horse riding lesson.     She brushed the horse, cleaned the hooves and helped put on the saddle.   She then rode the horse all by herself.  It was quite the treat!


She even got to wash Mariah off after that dusty ride.


Now this holiday would not be complete without the remembering all the men who laid down their lives for our freedom.  I think of  the signing of the  declaration of independence.  Brave men signed in spite of the threat of death for the sake of liberty.   I also think about all the men and women who have faithfully served and even died in the military to protect our homeland.  I am so grateful to live in this country and live free.


Now, this is a fourth of July feast.


Apparently, you can take your picture upside down with an I-phone.

Isabella’s first sparkler.  No one got hurt during this new experience.  When I was a child I was stabbed with a sparkler by accident.  So, both my dad and I were hyper cautious with this four year old and a blazing stick of fire.  All in all a beautiful weekend finished off by a sparkles in the sky and on land.  Can’t wait until next year.

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