Settling in…

We are starting to settle into this California kind of life.   The truth is that I have finally reached a point where I’m not constantly relying on my I phone for every destination.

We visited the famous Berkeley campus.   It is fantastic.  We took an evening family walk and I marveled at the architecture and history.  On all the light posts they have banners of past students with quotes about the school.  A graduate from 1967 said, “A wide breadth of experiences outside the box”.   I think that sums up the city of Berkeley as a whole.  Then we even saw a drum circle of students pounding on canvas encased tires in the promenade.   It is definitely a place brimming with creativity and possibility.

I don’t know what this flower is, but it smells amazing.  It is everywhere here.  It is so fragrant and reminds me of the plumeria in Hawaii.  It is delightful.


We have gone park crazy with the constant sunshine.  This particular park has a lovely stone slide that you sit on cardboard and whiz down to the bottom.  It is a little dangerous, but Isabella loves it.  We told her that she had to be at least six to go down by herself.


The Eiffel Tower web is a climbing favorite.  It also marks the place that we have begun to do our evening workouts.  Parker and I are working out together for the first time in our married life.  Well, kind of together.   Adjacent to the park is a running track so I go up and run while he plays with Isabella and then we switch.  I actually love it, but it definitely challenging to run at seven o’clock at night.



This park speaks beauty.  Rows upon rows of roses in an amphitheater setting.


Isabella likes to visit a ‘new” park every day.  Berkeley offers 56 and we have barely scratched the surface.



Tilden Regional park has a carousel, farm and steam trains.  It kind of feels like we are on perpetual vacation.  It has only been cloudy three days over the past thirty days.  It has been heavenly!  I have discovered that I am way into sunshine.


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