Just a doll!

I have been spending  a great deal of time with my girl, Isabella as of late.  Today, we had the cutest conversation.   She started asking me about growing up.  I mentioned that when she got older that she would have responsibilities and live in her own home.  She thought about it for a while.

Then about fifteen minutes later when we were in the car.  She breaks down in tears and I quote….

“I don’t want to live in my own house.  I want to stay with you when I get bigger.”

I reply, “Well, maybe, you will marry someone like daddy and then you will live in your own house.”

Tears are really flowing now.

Isabella says, “I do not want to get married!  I want to stay with you and daddy.  I want to marry daddy and stay with you.   I want to stay with you guys. ”

I respond with a smile almost turning to my own tears.  “Honey, you can stay with us as long as you like…even forever.”

I will probably remind her of this when she decides to move out as an adult.   It is hard to believe that this little doll has only been in my life four and a half years and the idea of her leaving our house is  heart wrenching.

It made me happy that she was sad to leave us.  Terrible, I know.   But so cute!


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