Home Sweet Berkeley!

What is it about Berkeley that set the fireworks off in my head about the Bay area? Could it be that the Parenthood TV show inspired me with the establishing shot featuring the Berkeley Clock Tower?  Or was it the idea of a vibrant college town filled with all the hopes and aspiration of the unwritten future?  Or was it the best options for the craigslist rental market?  Maybe a little of all of that factored in, but for some reason I could not shake the idea of living in Berkeley.

By the way, if you are looking to move to the Bay Area anytime soon and rent. Please mentally prepare yourself for a competitive rental market.  When we showed up to check out the house we are now renting…there were six other people touring the house at the same time.  We literally put our application in that day.  Thankfully, we were able to secure it.  But rentals as a whole were going fast and furious so you had to make a decision on the spot if you liked it or you’d lose it.

It has great character and perfect amount of space even the street parking is simple.  The only draw back is that we have to wash dishes by hand.  I believe this is the first place that I have ever lived where there was absolutely no dishwasher.

Truthfully,  I thought it would be a nightmare.  But it turns out that it is not that bad at all.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I love dishwashers, but right now I have the grace to wash dishes.  Ha! That reads funny.  I plan on teaching Isabella how to wash dishes once we get a system down.  She will love it!  She may wash half the floor as well which could be a good thing.

Isabella’s transition has been really smooth.  She loves the new house and the excitement of finding new places.  She introduces herself as “Hi, I am Isabella. I used to be a Seattle girl and now I am a California girl. We just moved here.  Do you want to play with me?”  She is so cute!

Above is Parker explaining to Isabella about getting locked in the closet by accident.  He is so good about teaching her how to be careful and safe.

There is a quaint looking church as our view.   On Thursday nights, the full gospel choir belt out passionate choruses that echo throughout the neighborhood.  It is very good and very entertaining.

We have a handful of boxes that are left.   Why is it that the last boxes are so tough to open?  But they will get opened because you know the one thing that you have been looking for is in one of those unopened boxes.

Moving is so much fun when you are done unpacking and you are completely settled.



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