Road Trip to San Francisco….

We started out Sunday morning for our fourteen hour drive from Seattle to San Francisco.

Now, they said that due to all the activity over in the Middle East gas would certainly be five dollars a gallon.  Wow, were they WRONG!  Thank goodness.  This 840 mile trip required a few fill ‘er ups.

Second stop,  Starbucks.  It is Parker’s liquid sunshine.  Now we were ready to hit the highway that both the car tank and the driver’s tank were completely full.

We purchased a little dvd player that you hook into your car’s battery.  She may look terrified, but the truth is that she was completely focused on Blue’s Clues.   This was a life saver for such a long road trip.

Of course as you drive you see random things.  This was the only one that I was able to catch with my i-phone.   Somewhere in Oregon.  I personally am not a fan of Jelly Donuts.  I am smitten with the old fashioned glazed that are more like a cake than a donut.

It was rainy and cloudy throughout Washington and Oregon, but when we crossed the border the sunshine came out.  What is the deal? Seriously, does a state line make that much difference to a weather pattern?  Apparently, it does even the terrain changed.  It was crazy.

We finally arrived at midnight thirty, bleary eyed and excited to get out of the car.  It was really fun to cross the Bay Bridge and look at the city scape of San Francisco as our new home.  Many bugs died on behalf of our road trip if you’ll notice in the picture above.  But we made it safely into the new chapter of our lives.


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