Dear Seattle,

Dear Seattle,

In 1999, I remember rolling up into your gray, rainy skies thinking how can I quickly get to some sunshine?  Who knew that I would spend eleven great years in the Emerald City?  At 26, I would have never guessed the days before me.

I found a great community of believers at The City Church which led me to meet the most handsome man in the universe.  I inherited a new family who loved me unconditionally and made every holiday extremely special.  I met many dear friends who touched my heart, inspired me and helped me become a better girl, lady and now mother.

Every time I see a Starbucks which is often.  I will remember you.  It is almost like a piece of home is following me everywhere.  I will always love those two spectacular months of the year called summer where there is no place more beautiful that your lush green trees, shining lakes and magnificent mountains.

I learned so many lessons over the years on how to become a good friend, how to be myself, how to live by my convictions and beliefs and how not to settle for what was put before me.  I felt like I came as a twenty –something chick and left as a thirty-something woman.

You were truly a defining moment for me in my life.  I will visit often and I am so grateful for the time I spent living near your beauty.


Jennifer Benthin

P.S. Here are a few of my memorable goodbyes.

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