Every Mommy needs a Girls Weekend Away!

Seriously, every mommy needs a weekend getaway with her girlfriends.  It should be a mandatory clause in her mommy contract.    There is nothing like getting out of the house into a fun environment where you can enjoy a meal, tell a story without getting interrupted, stay up late and sleep in, go on an unplanned walk and laugh hysterically.

Thanks to our lovely and gracious host, Karma,  who planned an excellent weekend excursion at a cabin in Easton.

We were greeted upon our speedy arrival with steaming coffee mugs and a pan full of sticky buns.

Here is the recipe for Sticky Buns:

2 loaves of thawed Rhodes bread

1 C brown sugar

1 T cinnamon

2 T milk

1 Lrg. Box of vailla pudding (not instant)

½ C butter

-9×13 pan lined w/tin foil & coated w/cooking spray

-cut bread into smallish pieces & place randomly in pan

-combine all ingredients in dish & microvace for 1 min.  Stir & reheat until boiling.  Stir and pour over buns.  Cover w/sprayed tin foil and refrigerate overnight.

Uncover & bake @350 for 20-30 mins. Yum!

Every calorie fest must include a vigorous outdoor hike to cancel the intake.   I thought that there might be some snow so I wore my rain boots.  Great choice on the way back up the hill that we climbed down.  I almost bit it twice.  But what is life without any adventure.  At least, I didn’t wear my heels.  It would have been a fashion emergency.

We all headed back for a delicious lunch.  It was a  potluck weekend where two or three people covered one of the meals and/or snacks.   There was enough food to feed a small army.   But the hit happened to be one of the snacks.  The rolo/pretzel/m & m combo.

Rolo Pretzel Yum Yum

1 Bag of Rolo’s
1 Bag of twisted pretzels
1 Bag of M&M’s

Preheat oven to 225. Put a tin foil liner on a Cookie sheet and then arrange pretzels on the sheet, salt side up.
Place an unwrapped rolo on each of the pretzels  and bake for 10-12 minutes. Take sheet out and place an M&M on top of the rolos to seal the pretzel to the candy. Put in fridge for 30 min, serve room temperature.

You can use Hershey’s Kisses or Reese Peanut Butter cups as well.

After lunch, we found a winter sport that had not melted.  It was koo-koo crazy as we were surrounded by a grip of kids going in all directions.  One of the kids got caught in Jaime’s scarf and it was a kid-catastrophe on ice.  No one was hurt, but somehow Jaime was able to stand through the whole ordeal.

Aren’t these ladies beautiful?

What would a weekend be without a nice dinner out at Swiftwater Cellars.  It had such a cozy atmosphere.  We were treated like queens by the wait staff.  They sat us next to a big fireplace on leather chairs and sofas.  They were so attentive constantly filling our water glasses.  Not to mention, I had this succulent pot roast and tasted scallops for the first time.    I am still not a “fish” girl, but I was one step closer to becoming a “foodie”.      Okay, maybe not, but I’d like to think I could be one if I really tried.

After a night of too much sugar, tons of laughter  and not enough sleep,  we took a refreshing hike into the woods.  It was very serene and relaxing.  It was so quiet.  It is so good for the soul just to stop and take it all in.  Sometimes as a mom, I am rushing from preschool to lunch to quiet time to dinner time.  It is so nice to just stop and enjoy the moment.  I know that I need to do that so much more.

Thanks again, Karma, for making all this possible.  Thanks to all the ladies for the making the weekend so fun and memorable.


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