Baby Momma

There is nothing more refreshing than celebrating the arrival of a little one with a bunch of your girlfriends.  My favorite baby showers or baby sprinkles happen to be the ones that are low key, casual and super yummy.   We hosted a dessert shower for my dear friend Laura the other night.

I made this delightful espresso ice cream cake.  It is so yummy and it will give you a nice caffeinated kick

Espresso Ice Cream Cake (featured top left)

2 pints Haagen Daaz Java Chip Ice Cream

1 cup of freshly brewed coffee

Lady Fingers

Whipping Cream

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Use a 9 x 13 glass dish and place the lady fingers on the bottom. You can usually find the soft lady fingers in the bakery section of your grocery store.  Drizzle the cup of coffee over the lady fingers so that it soaks in.  Let the two pints melt enough to spread over the coffee drenched lady fingers.  Pour whipping cream into a chilled, glass bowl and mix until cream is stiff.  Top with chocolate covered espresso beans.  Cover with foil and freeze until fifteen minutes prior to serving.

Now, I wonder what  Laura will have?  Will it be a boy named Urban or a a girl named London.  We shall see…..


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