Remember the Love, See the Miracle

The subway was quite entertaining today.  My first stop featured a four piece mariachi band singing La Bamba and later a artist who drew caricatures drew attention.  A whole fun world of excitement in the tunnels below.

There are so many iconic places in New York.  It feels a little like home because of all the familiar sites that have been featured in books, music and movies.  But one place I will never forget is the World Trade Center site.  I remember 9.11 clearly.  My father woke me up from sleep to turn on the TV to see a horrifying event.  At that time, I worked at the church and the entire staff sat in the gym watching the drama unfold.

I had to visit the World Trade Center site to remember not to forget.  Our tour guide from the night before told us about St. Paul’s Chapel that was directly across from the Twin Towers and not one window pane was broken.  The only damage to its property was a tree and it fell into the road.  This church served as refuge for firefighters and volunteers during the search and rescue.   As each firefighter returned from a devastating day in the pit….volunteers greeted them with a hug, food, massage and whatever they needed.  It was such a special place.  I was clearly inspired by the love that was found in that building.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I also tasted New York pizza as well as a bagel.  The pizza was delectable and the bagel was bigger.  Here is a snapshot of the day. .

That evening we went to another Christmas party for Parker’s work.  I got gussied up and took a cab to the location.  I had hoped to see the tree after it was lit, but we got back to late.    Of course, there is always tomorrow!  My last day in New York.


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