Brimming with Electricity

This city is brimming with electricity. I woke up early to fulfill the list in my head of things I must do while in NYC.  My number one item on the list was to run in Central Park.  It was a lovely, brisk and sunny day as I bundled up to take on the park.  I started off on a great high by placing my foot into a pile of either dog or horse poop.  I was laughing internally about starting off this historic run in my life on a high note.  Then as I continued up the road inhaling major engine exhaust as I jogged around the park my dream realized seemed to have a few minor bumps in the road to say the least.

Then I got into my groove and passed the famed Literary Walk and Guggenheim.  I felt invigorated running through the only garden in the concrete jungle.  Once I finished my run and Starbuck’ed up,  I headed down to the subway for my first ride alone in the tunnels below.

I reached my destination at the famed Macy’s storefront where all of the windows are beautiful constructed with paper to feature Miracle on 34th street and new Christmas scene each year.   I met a friend and we found a Starbucks and chatted while the lady adjacent to us cried her eyes out to her boyfriend.

After coffee, I wandered over to the overstimulated Times Square.  I was awestruck.  It is unbelievable.  The Toys R Us was a mega store with a full size ferris wheel inside.  I found my way back to the hotel where I rested for an hour before my husband’s Christmas party.

Our company party this year started on a tour bus where we caught all the major sites of the city to a mod Thai restaurant for dinner then finally ended at Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) to see 360 degree  breathtaking views of the city.

Here is a little glimpse: .



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