Sweet Chocolate! Pancakes with Ice Cream!

Run away! If you see this sign, run far away or you will be tempted by the most delectable treats in the universe.  The sad part is that my hotel is less than a half a block away from it.  I pass it every day headed down to Sydney Cove.  So, I had to burn 546 calories before I could enter this delicious location.

You can order a croissant, banana bread or even a cinnamon roll with a pot of chocolate to dip in.  The menu has so many offerings that I stood in awe attempting to order one item.  I asked the waiter if this happened often where people were unsure what to order.  I ended up with the croissant because I wanted something savory to go with the sweet.  It truly was the best chocolate that I ever had!  Check out the menu.  http://www.maxbrenner.com.au/menu/menu.pdf

My parents have raved about this place.  They insisted that I go down to Pancakes on the Rocks.  So I did.

I ordered the Vanilla and Chocolate Surprise which included a chocolate pancake and buttermilk pancake topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream then drizzled with chocolate.  So, I walked a mile for this one. However, I will be going on a no pancake and chocolate diet once I get back to the states.   But I had to remind myself that I was nearing the end of my vacation so I felt the need to live a little.

here’s a bird’s eye view.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6KE7ub0IeI


2 responses to “Sweet Chocolate! Pancakes with Ice Cream!

  1. Oh my gosh, I almost licked my computer screen!!! YUMMMMMMY. You are truly experiencing everything and I love it! The video’s are so fun and the music you chose is PERFECT! You are one talented lady! I know you are looking forward to being home with Isabella, but I am so glad you let yourself fall in love with Sydney! Thank you for creating all of this to share your trip ,it feels like we are there with you!!

  2. Did you sneak like a dozen of those chocolate crossiants in your bag to bring home with you? I NEED one!!! YUMMY!!!! I agree with Jaime, I could lick my computer screen!!!

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