The past few days….

The past few days have been relatively enjoyable.  I went out on a run/walk workout adventure.  I discovered this lovely splash park on the other side of the river.  Isabella would love it and we would never leave.  Here is a little peek at my adventure.

We picked up a car so we could go outside of Brisbane up to the Sunshine Coast.  It is quite a challenge to change the way you think.  I kept saying, “Stay to the Left!”  Our first “other side of the road” adventure.

Our first long trip in the car was a bit stressful.  It was night.  We traveled twenty minutes away and it started to rain.  It was a nail biter as we both were getting used to the LEFT side.

We visited Hillsong Brisbane for church on Friday night. It was an amazing experience.   The music was stellar.  The pastor spoke in a monologue format with art, video and a beautiful soloist to enhance his message.  It was lovely.

The real reason we rented a car was so we could journey up the Sunshine Coast to Noosa Heads.  The sand felt so soft.  It truly was like going to Hawaii.  The area is more remote and not filled with tourists.   On the way, we passed by Steve Irwin’s zoo.  It was a bit eerie to see his face on the billboards, but comforting that his legacy is living on!  Crikey!  Here is another stunning motion picture of this adventure.

After our incredible mini-vacation day, we headed back to Brizzy for the River Fire festival.   The city kicks it off by a firework extravaganza including two F-11 airplanes that drop their fuel and set it on fire.  It was spectacular and after the rainy fourth of July we had this year.  It was greatly appreciated.  We had a family of four next to us with two little ones.  It made me miss Isabella a great deal.  I can’t wait to kiss her face and hear her say my name!   Here’s a little peek at the fireworks.

Cheers!  Only a day and half and we will be back in Sydney!


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