My Summer turned into Spring

“Welcome to the first day of spring!” announced the newscaster on Today Tonight on the TEN network.  My summer instantly turned to spring in one simple announcement.  Do you think I have season confusion? Absolutely  not. Frankly, I felt robbed from this pitiful summer in Seattle.  It was nice to have some sunshine affirmation before I face the approaching autumn winds.

I tagged along with Parker to a meeting to  meander around a new area of Brizzy.  At lunch time, we happened upon this public park in South Bank.  A cool swimming area that is nestled right next to the river. It was quite lovely for the first day of Spring.

Often on my walks through the city, I find curious signs or interesting artwork above my head.

There is a fabulous exhibition at the Queensland Art Museum featuring Valentino.  I am hoping that we get to see it before we leave.  No video for today. I am still collecting footage.  More to come!


One response to “My Summer turned into Spring

  1. phillipsfamilynews

    Lovin the updates, lady!!! F-U-N!!

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