Look Right, Look Left

Who knew that crossing the street could be so much fun?  Or so dangerous for that matter?  When you have spent several years of your life looking left then right.  It is  a hard habit to break.  So I find myself looking in a circle to make sure that cars are not headed directly at me.

Then our cab driver points out an intersection where several people have been hit by the bus!  Nice sign, eh?  Now most of you know how fearless I am in crossing the road at home.  But here I am very CAUTIOUS to say the least.

You might ask what do I do while Parker is off at meetings with his co-worker? Well, I ease into the day.  I grab a latte and muffin from the coffee shop below our place.  I work on creative projects.  I go exploring through the city on foot.  I covered five miles and created a running route by the river.   I find silly signs as shown above. Here is a little peek from my walk.



One response to “Look Right, Look Left

  1. I want to be there too!

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