Good Morning Sydney!

We arrived in Sydney around six in the morning where we took a taxi to our downtown hotel.  My husband is a big believer of switching time zones as fast as possible so when we arrived at the hotel.  We took a little nap and headed down to Sydney waterfront for breakfast.

We ate at this lovely little cafe.  The food is fantastic and fresh.  I had a nice scrambled eggs, toast and tomato with a decaf soy latte.  But the crowning part of this meal was the chocolate chip muffin.

Yes, it was delicious.  Jet lag is a funny thing.  At the time, I was eating this it would have been dinner time at home.  Thanks to my dear Isabella I have a relatively structured time schedule so I would get really whacked out from time to time or incredibly hungry when the clock said it was NOT time to eat.

We wandered around the waterfront for awhile and ended up sitting on the steps in front of the Sydney Opera House.  Both Parker and I sat quietly watching people all around us.  It was one of those moments where your heart smiles and you do absolutely nothing.

Check out my the video on You Tube.


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