Brisbane Bound

After spending a day and a half in Sydney, we boarded Virgin Blue Airlines for Brisbane.  It is north of Sydney sandwiched in between the infamous Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast which houses Surfer’s Paradise.  The city surrounds a salt water fed river.  Likened to Venice, motorized city cat ferries function as  a bus system that you can take to go from one place to  the next.

We are staying in a modern serviced apartment in an area that would be likened to a capitol hill in Seattle.  The weather is quite lovely with a high in the seventies and a low in the forties since Australia is entering into their spring season.  It is refreshing since I only had three weeks of summer in Seattle. At least, I get a few more weeks of sun to help me through the La Nina winter season we are headed into…  We are so lucky to live the Northwest!  I love rain, clouds and freezing temperatures.  (please take that sarcastically)  But lattes do make you feel better!

My favorite American moment was when I went to the grocery store to get some meat for my lunch.  I stood at the deli counter staring at the sliced turkey breast and looking at the price with the word KILOGRAM next to it.  I did not have any sort of metrics converter to determine what I wanted to order.  So, like any other normal mom facing an uncomfortable situation…  I did the usual.

I started to sweat because I did not know what to say.  So, I decided to skip a deli sandwich after all.  I suppose now I could have asked for a 1/4 of a kilo, but on the spot I was speechless.   The whole metrics system can be quite a challenge if you only know miles, pounds and Fahrenheit. Not to mention, subtracting military time is hysterical if you aren’t great at math.

Oh and this is for my dear friend, Jaime, who prefers gluten free food.  For some reason, it is big here in Brisbane.  The grocery store had a whole section dedicated to gluten free as well as several restaurants offer gluten free items on the menu.  It’s the trend here in Brizzy!  This would be Jaime’s food heaven!

Check out a glimpse of Brisbane.

Then you may be wondering how my lovely little girl is doing?  Well, she is FABULOUS!  She is currently at Disneyland having the time of her life.

My dad keeps me updated with pictures and updates through the Blackberry Messenger.  My dad twittered, ”  Disneyland + Isabella = Happy!”  Music to my ears!


One response to “Brisbane Bound

  1. GREAT pictures Jen! Love to hear that when I finally take a trip to Australia I will have PLENTY to eat!! That is fantastic!! Sounds like you could have used a metric converter Ap on your phone….maybe tomorrow! Love the pic’s of little chica, I want to be where she is….well and where you are….basically anywhere but in my kitchen right now. 😉 Your updates are fabulous, you are providing a mini escape for all of us stuck in the day to day rut. xo

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