Day One: Fourteen Hour Friday

We boarded the plane late Thursday night to head across the Pacific Ocean to the land down under.  Due to the time zones, Friday, August 27th turned out to be only 14 hours in the dark on the plane.

The plane ride was quite eventful. I met a lovely mom with a sixteen month old curly-headed little girl across the aisle.  She was certainly a brave mom!  The lady sitting next to the mom had an open seat in between her and her husband.  The stewardess asked if she could move over so that the mom could have a place for the child to lay down.   The lady made a total scene by raising her voice and being quite rude to the point that the mom said, “Nevermind. You don’t need to do anything.”  The lady flipped around and said, “I am not talking to you. I am talking to the stewardess.”  I was flabbergasted. It took everything in me to sit there and not get up and speak my mind to this lady.  Travel shows people’s true colors.

I slept about six or seven hours intermittently throughout the flight.  There was a bit of turbulence, but I found that if I played a little game on the Ipod.  I was good.  We watched the Back Up Plan and Just Wright.  Iron Man 2 played, but I slept through it.  The best part was watching an old Friends episode. It was strangely comforting.

My poor husband had a rough flight. What we call “The Dark Night of the Soul”.  He got incredibly nauseous mid-flight to the point of almost to the point of retching.  Then the man next to him spilled yogurt on his jacket. We determined that the excedrin pm could have been the cause along with eating when our bodies wanted to be sleeping.

All in all, it was a good flight for me minus my feet swelling up to mini football size.  I thought the fourteen hours would be an eternity, but it wasn’t so bad. Check out Parker’s commentary on my facebook page.

It was strange though losing ten hours of my friday.  But we arrive safely in Sydney Australia.


2 responses to “Day One: Fourteen Hour Friday

  1. Yea!!! Glad you made it!! Sorry to hear Parker had a rough flight!! Enjoy & I’ll be looking forward to your updates!!!

  2. With all the traveling we do I’m surprised to learn about new places through you guys….what fun! Tks for sharing, keep up the great adventure and keep down Parker’stomach contents!

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