What to do next?

I have pondered this thought for several months.  Now, that I have a half marathon checked off my list.  What should I do next?  I thought about another race or a triathlon, but nothing caught my attention.  Until my husband decided that I needed to join him on a business trip to Australia.

At first, it was only supposed to be about ten days, but somehow it ended up to be sixteen? Not sure how that happened, but I am so not complaining.

This is my first trip out of the country since I was eighteen.  This is my first trip without my daughter for an extended period of time.  Sure, we have had a one night, three nights and five nights away from each other, but this is entirely a different story.  It seems a little surreal.

What is mommy going to do on vacation?

Well, I guess, I will go on an adventure of a life time.  Yeah, that sounds good.

The truth is that I had a bit of melt down.  I cried last night about being apart from my Isabella.  I know! Can you believe it? I am on about to go on vacation and I am crying.

But I love her.  It has been a joy to be at home with her.  I will miss her terribly, but I am going to enjoy this vacation!

My wonderful parents and sisters volunteered to take on miss chica while I am away.  So, this morning Isabella got on a plane with my mom.  As we are walking into the terminal, I am thinking to myself.  BE BRAVE! NO TEARS! SMILE BIG! I reach down to grab her hand to find that she has her Nemo cell phone to her ear and she is talking on it.  Then she takes the phone and acts like she is taking a photo with it.  I start laughing.  What a kid!

At any rate, I see her off successfully and she gives me a big hug and kiss and heads out for her adventure with Papa and Nana! (which does include Disneyland)

The house is clean. The bags are packed and I am about to board the plane for a 14 hour ride to Sydney.   It will be Saturday when I arrive because we lose a day, but I will chronicle each day that I am there!  Here I go!


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