Things to Think about…

I went for a run yesterday ALONE and it was so difficult. I started thinking of you ladies and how you will definitely NOT be alone and thought I would provide some conversation topics for your run so you will never run out of things to discuss. I tried to pick topics that were relevant and even some that we discussed during this 15 week training.

I figured Miles 1-3 will be a piece of cake and probably spent negotiating with the crowed on your placement in the pack. So I started at Mile 4:

Mile 4: Look around at your fellow runner’s and try to determine who is wearing Granny Panties, Thong’s or Commando. (You can also discuss your preference at this time as well, but I know  it is fun to be mysterious)

Mile 5: Twilight discussion. You can either debate the classic theme: “Team Edward/ Team Jacob” OR look around and determine which runners would make a better Vampire or werewolf. Who would you rather date….seems pretty clear to me, but to each his own. (GO TEAM EDWARD)

Mile 6: Sex and the City III YEAH? or NAY?. Did II live up to your expectations? Let’s chat about the wardrobe, YUCK YUCK and more YUCK, like anyone would EVER wear that.  At this point you might want to hum the tune to “All the single ladies, all the single ladies….” that always gets me going.

Mile 7: Alternate endings to the Popular series LOST. If you didn’t watch it someone can catch you up and you can run the full marathon instead!! OOH a very important aside on this topic is to mention who you would rather date, Sawyer or Jack. (again pretty clear to me but to each his own)

Mile 8: Favorite Sandra Bullock movie and who you think would be a good match for her. Clearly she chose poorly with Jesse James….I am sure you can do better!!!

Mile 9: Think about Jell-o and Anya and me…we can’t wait to see you , cheer for you and feed you Jell-o

Mile 10: How weird is it that you are running on a bridge. Think of ways to BRIDGE the gap between Jake and Vienna, clearly a couple worth saving (OOOH try not to puke)

Mile 11:  At this point I would start to think about Jillian Michaels or Tracy King running with you. What would they tell you to do if you are feeling low, what would they tell you to do if you are feeling good?? What is the craziest workout they have ever made YOU do.

Mile 12:  It’s time to talk food!!! What are you going to enjoy eating tonight?? YOU DESERVE TO HAVE IT ALL…so go all out with the menu. You will have a lot to choose from at the party. I am working on my peanut butter brownies as we speak…..


Love you guys, you are all going to be amazing tomorrow!!!


One response to “Things to Think about…

  1. Jaime,

    This is seriously awesome! I will be thinking of these topics and hope I have someone to chat with! ; ) You are awesome! xoxo

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