The adventure of the BIB pick up

One might think that going to pick up your bib during a Mariner’s game would be quick, easy and fast.  Well, not so much. After driving around for twenty minutes,  we parked two miles away  and hiked in our flip flops to the Qwest conference center.  Thank goodness for a beautiful sunny day!

Check in went smooth like butter.  We grabbed our packets, bibs, changed corrals and picked up our t-shirts in a matter of minutes.

Before walking into the conference center Karma and I joked about taking a horse back to our car instead of hoofing back two miles.

We walked outside and decided to hitch a ride back on a bike.  A rickshaw bike.  It was insane. It was koo-koo krazy.  We barely missed children and squeezed by cars, poles and pedestrians.  Then all of the sudden we heard our names yelled out.  “KARMA! JEN!” It was Karen pushing her two kids to the Qwest center.

Yep, we are going to run 13 miles so we needed to REST OUR LEGS! HA!


One response to “The adventure of the BIB pick up

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you took a rickshaw bike ride! That is FANTASTIC!

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