My running journey

This running journey began for me on Mother’s Day, May 9th 2008.  I had been working out with a group of mom from Stroller Strides and I wanted to see if I could actually run 3 miles.  I enlisted my two dear friends Laura and Jenna to run the Kirkland  I met two times to train before the race.   I remember race day getting there early full of nerves.   The race itself went good overall even though I stopped and walked ten steps.   I ran the race in 32:09 which shocked me because I really did not prepare at all.  This began the thirst to run and train.

The 5 K Covey Run in Woodinville marked the first Stroller Strides group race. A sunny, brilliant day.  The moment that I loved was our initial warm up as a team dressed in red.  However, I was not a fan of the route.  I personally do not like to run half way and come back to the original spot.  I am definitely a loop girl!  I love to run in circles.  I pushed myself and shaved 4 minutes off of my time to end at 28:18.

The Jingle Bell Run.  This was the coldest run in my universe.  I remember I wore this neck warmer and halfway through the race I wanted to rip it off my neck.  It was suffocating even though it kept me warm in the beginning. It was icy so the beginning of the race was simply dicey.  Then the run through the tunnel while eight year olds dressed in elves costumes ran past me was kind of  a bummer.  This race made me decide that running in the cold is not my first choice.  My run time suffered with the cold at 29:33

The St. Patty’s Day Run.  Well, this was the most miserable race EVER!  Was it the rain? Was it the snow? Was it the sleet?  Was it the smell of funnel cakes towards the end?  The moments I did love was went we all walked up to a group of men playing bag pipes.  The festive atmosphere in spite of the slushy weather.  There was a poetic moment when the lead runner was at least a hundred feet in front of the pack.  He ran with such ease.  I wished I’d had a camera to catch that moment.   I ran 3.75 miles in 34:47 which averaged to be a 9:17 mile.

The Beat the Bridge run. It was entertaining to say the least.  I trained to Beat the Bridge.  The bridge is timed to go up 20 minutes after the start so I worked on running two miles at supersonic speed forgetting that there were three more miles to go.  When the gun went off, I took off in a dead sprint.   Well, after I crossed the bridge…  I lost all of my steam and the last three miles were like going uphill backwards.  I even tried to gulp down water for the first time during a race and almost lost it.  All said and done, I stayed the 9:15  mile pocket and ended the 5 mile race with a nice 46:19.

The Iron Girl Run.  My favorite run to date.  I loved the training. I loved the race. I loved every part of this journey.  I distinctly remember the lady giving a small speech prior to the run stating, “I know it has been a hard year for you all in many ways so take this time to have your moment and enjoy the race.”  Tears formed in my eyes as the national anthem was sang.  Then the horn sounded and all I could hear was the soft footprints of many women running towards Greenlake.

Rock n Roll ½ Marathon.  This race  has been my latest obsession for fifteen weeks with fifteen ladies.  My heart is to enjoy the run, laugh, talk, consume shot blox, pray and push through the miles.  I can’t believe it’s here.  I am so excited.  I am nervous.  I am ready.  Time to ROAR!!!

The truth is that this is NOT about running.  It is about running with my girls.  It has never been my goal to win the half marathon or any race for that matter.  It is about sharing a challenge and running through it.  It is about laughing and lattes.  It is about friendship and conversation.  It is more than a race.  It is about doing life together.

Eric Liddell: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.  -Chariots of Fire


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  1. Beautiful Jen! You are going to ROCK this run!

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