Week Thirteen: Check, Check, Check!!!!

Well after thirteen weeks of training for this half marathon all I have to say is, ” I AM SO READY TO RUN THIS RACE!” I have the outfit, the perfect running crew, the understanding of how many shot blocks to take during my run and  the ability to run and take pictures.  I now understand  the feeling of running 10 plus miles and the mental game of keeping your body moving when it wants to stop.

The training this week was  great.  Tuesday, I ran with Michelle around the Highlands and had some great conversation.  Thursday, Christy and I trudged up hills three times in a row.  Clyde Hill lives up to its name because my chest is still burning!

Then Saturday….  Yes, Saturday proved to be the apex of all my training to this point.  We started our route at the Eastside Park and Ride and followed it to the 1-90 trail where will ran alongside the freeway across Mercer island across the bridge to the Seattle side.  Once we made it over to the west side, we ran through the pedestrian tunnel twice to get the feel for race day.

Then we followed the road through Leschi and ended around Madrona at a nice 10 miles.  We walked another mile and jogged another 1/2 mile to get to Madison park.  It was a beautiful run.  It definitely held some challenge, but it was awesome to accomplish it.   We ended at Starbucks and a cute little bakery to end our run the right way.  A special THANK YOU to Sarah for leaving her suburban overnight to bring us home!   But words do not do the run justice.  Here are a few pictures for you to catch a glimpse of the run.  I did take a few while running.  I had to practice for race day…. 🙂


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