Week Twelve: Check! Sunshine Check

This run was fantastic.

Was it the sunshine?

Was the the beautiful scenic route?

Was it the beautiful crew of women showing up at 7 am on a Saturday morning?

Was it the incredible water station?

Was it the 9, 10, 11 and 13 miles?

Was it the refreshing Jello?

Yes and Yes to the 24th power!

It is hard to believe 13 weeks ago we all started on Eastlake Sammamish running a mere 3 miles.  I am so impressed with everyone.  You all are super stars.  Thank you for motivating and inspiring me to challenge myself to a new level.

Special shout out to Jaime Menold.  Thanks for the water stations.  You are incredible.  We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done that route without you.  Thanks also to the two cute little men on bikes for your happy support. I heard the JELLO was fantastic.


One response to “Week Twelve: Check! Sunshine Check

  1. Talk about the perfect day for a run!!! You guys are amazing and I truly love being part of the morning even if it is just in water stations! You all are doing the hard work! Well done! Hope you all had something super yummy on Saturday night!! 🙂

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