Sick of the Showers….

I realize because we live in Seattle that the title of this Post could be taken in a couple different ways, and while I am very sick of our crappy weather, the showers I am referring to are the ones we take to get clean. Yesterday I ran in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure event, I took a shower to wake up, ran the event in the rain and came home took a shower to get warm, THEN attended an event last night and had to take yet another shower because I was too lazy to do my hair after the second shower. I am tired, done, overwhelmed by taking a shower and having to do all the other things that come after the fact.

What a silly thing to be tired of, but seriously, enough already. The sad thing is there is nothing I can do. I have to take a shower. I sweat more than anyone I know…no glistening here, we are talking BUCKETS falling off me. Clearly no one would ever want to plan a run or even a play date with me if I refused to shower.  Think of my children, they would never know what clean smelled or looked like, the grocery stores and malls would refuse my service, my life as I know it would be reduced to a complete nightmare, so clearly this is not an option.  

Sometimes I try to think “BIG PICTURE”, for example, I am sure Sawyer from LOST would have loved a nice hot shower (although I am not sure I would have loved Sawyer if he was clean…. 😉 ooh la la.) There are many Third World Countries that do not have running water, so they would think my post petty and wrong for complaining about having too many….clearly this is a NON problem, problem, but sometimes a girl’s gotta vent.

My hope is that typing this out will allow me to purge some frustration on the multiple shower front. I know we are all in the same boat and that we all must shower after working out, it just seems like it would be a lot better if we made some progress on the Jetson’s do it all machine, think of the additional things we could accomplish or extra minutes of slumber we would gain. WHO IS WITH ME!?!?!


One response to “Sick of the Showers….

  1. I agree and I feel the same way about laundry!

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