Week Eight: Check! I NEED A PEDICURE, stat!

Today was a fabulous, incredible, exciting, invigorating and beautifully scenic run.  The weather was perfect!  The adventure of dodging the bicyclists and running towards the passing cars was a blast.  MINUS the constant “On Your Left!”  Minus Jaime’s injury. 😦 Overall, I would have to say that this was the best run yet and it convinced me that the half marathon is definitely do-able and enjoyable!

At home, I discovered my desperate need for a pedicure.

It looks worse than it is.  My toenail nicked my third toe and my husband explained that the reason that there was so much blood was due to the constant pounding during the run.  So the injury requires a pedicure.  I am thinking a nice candy apple red or hot pink or blazing orange.  Anyone care to join me?  It doesn’t hurt and I had no idea that it was even an issue.  Probably due to my new favorite friend. Clif  Shot BLOKS! (berry flavor)

At first,  it was an overwhelming taste before we started running, but my first three miles went great.  Much better than the past seven weeks!  I popped another at 4.5 and really could have used another push around 8.5.  But overall, I have discovered that this little, sugary gummies make for one great run!

Congratulations for a great run today!  You are all beautiful!  I am so glad that we are doing this together.


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