Putting my money where my mouth is…

All along I have been saying that I am NOT running the 1/2 with you all because I want to support my husband in his training for the full. That of course is as long as his schedule does not interfere with me training with you all for the 1/2…..confused…yea so is he. I found myself in a position for the first time where I was supposed to selflessly bow out of a Saturday morning run so he can train with his friend and immediately I thought of myself and you all and was not willing to miss out. I called my Mom who is not available and even yelled a little at my husband for choosing the ONE time I have set aside to run. Oh how painful it was to hear the words “I thought you were supporting me through this …you are not even running, why do you HAVE to run 9 miles on Saturday”.  I know he said it mostly in “jest” and to give me a little dig, BUT it is true, I have been talking a big game so now I need to put my Money where my mouth is and sit back and let him take Saturday this week. 

So GO team! I will be thinking of you and will look forward to the updates on 9 miles!!!!


2 responses to “Putting my money where my mouth is…

  1. You are good wife! We are going to miss you tomorrow.

  2. Well, I am not that good…Jeff’s run got pushed back, (not because of me) so I will see you in the morning!

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