Week Seven….Check! (kind of)

Does walking around Disneyland for two days equal a super workout?

Sadly, no!

But Mickey’s land was a great deal of FUN!  I ended up with two Stroller Strides workouts prior to Saturday.  No mid-week runs.

I have discovered that the mid-week runs really help you on the LONG Saturday runs! It definitely was more of a challenge to push through the low points during my run as compared to prior training weeks.

Not to mention that my body was saying goodbye to all the French fries, Mickey Mouse cookies and ice cream! I am very thankful for  the 1,000 calories burned on Saturday.

The celebratory part of the week was that I ran eight miles for the first time in my life!  I believe that should receive a standing ovation.

Okay, a high five will do.

Well, I fell out of the saddle this week.  But the good news is that I am going to get back on the schedule and not regret a moment from last week.  (even though my legs are sore today!)

Thanks to all the girls on Saturday who helped me push through those miles.  I needed the motivation and inspiration. YOU ALL ROCK!


One response to “Week Seven….Check! (kind of)

  1. Jen, I know how you feel, after my week off in Disneyland I had a really difficult time with the Saturday run. What a difference running during the week makes! Even more than that, what a difference running HILLS during the week makes. Granted, a few of us took a week off from the “Park hill”, but even running a “quick 4 miles” (we can say that now) with a few hills made a big difference. WHO KNEW ??!?! 😉

    Very HIGH high five to you Jen running 8 for the first time, that is an amazing accomplishment one that should be celebrated for sure!

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