Cutest Water Station Ever

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I am hopeful that the pictures will post so you all can see that we truly had the cutest water station EVER at Mile 4.5 on Saturday. It was not a very quick stop, we certainly didn’t practice the drink while you run idea, but how could you not stop and smile for these little boys.  Thanks to MooMoo, Jaxon and Joshua for making this little mid run pick me up happen.

All in all Saturday’s run was a success. The route was a little hilly, but thanks to our hills training on Wednesday we all sailed right up them. 🙂  We had a really good stride going and managed to pound out 6.9 miles in one hour and 8 minutes. 

The coffee after the run was even more of a workout, I found out later from one of my Barista friends that the Starbucks Staff couldn’t believe how loud we were. My abs were sore from laughing so hard. We are all about the total body workout.


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