Week Six: Check

I completely agree with Jaime’s status update! RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY! COME AGAIN SOME OTHER DAY.  Two out of the three runs this week were decorated with that drippy stuff that hinders spectacles during runs.  I ran Tuesday and Wednesday without my glasses and  the good part is that I didn’t run into anything.

The hill training on Wednesday was actually wonderfully challenging!  I remember the first time  when Tracy King had us all run up Park Drive.  I took off like a bandit up the hill not realizing that an incline cost you something.  I remember coming down the hill whiter than a sheet and wanting to lose my breakfast.  It was nice to know that I have actually progressed and now a hill is not so intimidating.  I don’t think that I LOVE HILLS by any stretch, but I don’t mind them.

On Saturday, I ran with my sister around Disneyland.  It was magnificent to run in the sunshine on a flat surface all around the park.  The sweet aroma of flowers filled my lungs.  The sound of roller coasters and happy screams filled my ears.  It was quite a game racing through the throngs of tourists.  The best part of the run was on a sidewalk covered with the shade of palm trees.

The only downer turned out to be the stoplights. I ran in circles at each of the cross walks that seem to last an eternity.   It was hilarious peeking out of the corner of the eye watching the people in cars stare at me like I was crazy person running in circles.  It was great!  Then we jumped into the pool and hot tub after the run to refresh our tired bodies.  A two big thumbs up for training around Disneyland.

Of course, any place SUNNY would be perfect.  I swear that vitamin D makes you HAPPY! I hope that your training week went well. We are almost at the half way point!  Only nine more weeks to go!


One response to “Week Six: Check

  1. Love that you ran around Disneyland – awesome!!

    Did you know that vitami D does actually make you happy?! 🙂 Truly, people who are depressed, they give Vitamin D to help elevate their mood!

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