Sometimes I feel like a Nut….Sometimes I DON’T.

Thanks to the fabulous world of Facebook a good friend reminded me of a topic that should be voiced; Some days are just not good days to workout.  No matter the friends, the motivation, the money, the weather…sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t.

I want to share a story about a mid workout LUL that happened to my husband Jeff. As a disclaimer my husband did give me his blessing to share this with our little world.  Jeff is also training for the Rock and Roll Marathon, this is his first time training for a marathon, actually his first time training for any kind of running event. He is an athlete so his goal is set high and he is very confident his goal will be met. (Goal is FULL Marathon in UNDER 4 hours.) On Saturday he needed to complete his long run and decided to go his usual route. He felt good when he left, he felt good at miles 1-3 and then mile 4 hit and he had to go to the bathroom. Being a DUDE he just ran off into the woods and dropped his drawers, while he was going he all of a sudden knew he needed to find an ACTUAL bathroom.  Lucky for him he continued down the path a couple steps and found a Porta Potty, (you know it is bad when you are HAPPY to see a Porta Potty), sadly the Porta Potty did not have any toilet paper, but he pressed on. As he exited the Porta Potty he stepped on a pine cone and rolled his ankle, and yet in the midst of pain he still pressed on. He is now running with a limp and relying on his other leg a little too much, and the rain comes down. We are talking a downpour like they have in Texas, I think he even mentioned a little hail mixed in. At this point cue the music and call it a day…..I am picturing Rocky IV when he is disheartened in Russia and then his wife comes and he is filled with energy again. Sadly I did not know Jeff was struggling, but I did see him a few hours later after he had to WALK home totally wet, defeated and in pain. That is a bad Mid workout LUL.

I guess my point is, give yourself a BREAK. If you don’t feel up to a workout, or if you are mid workout and it is just not jiving, I say stop and take some time for yourself, OR call a friend to come get you. 😉  We have all been there and we all need a break even when we are training for something and are so dedicated to the cause, LISTEN to your body and know that you are not alone! Don’t end up like Jeff….


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