Recent RocknRoll Marathon Experience

Jen suggested I write about my RocknRoll 1/2 Marathon experience in Arizona in January of this year. It sounds like many of you have done a 1/2 or full before so I don’t know that I will tell you much more about how to prepare but I’m happy to share the RocknRoll experience….here we go:)

My mom and I did the RocknRoll Arizona together because a) they have a place there so we could stay for free, b) we were going to go without baby and c) it was a great way to lose the baby weight through training. All were accomplished, minus the final 10 pounds of the baby weight…damn hips:) I do have to say having done other races before… this was really well organized. The mandatory attendance at the “Health Expo” the day before is a little hectic because 30,000 people are trying to get in and get out to pick up their packet and “getting in and getting out” doesn’t exist. Be prepared to spend a good hour. Not only do you get your packet and bid number etc, but in order to exit you have to go through the shopping area and check out registers….so inevitably you end up buying really important gear like “My Mommy Rocks” onsies.
The morning of the event they suggest you arrive 2 hours prior to the race if you are taking the shuttle. I at first thought this was ridiculous, but they are right on. There were people in line behind us who were missing the last busses to the race. Since we all live here I would suggest getting a ride to the starting line and getting dropped off……
The energy at the starting of the race is awesome! Everyone has trained as hard as you and you are super excited to be there. They are blasting music and it feels like you are a part of something that will be awesome. There is usually some celebrity at the start line…we had “Uber-Celebrity” John McCain…I KNOW…JEALOUS…I have a picture if you want….the race course is what makes the RnR the best. There is something every 1/2 mile. Either a water station, energy packs, or at every mile marker a band or cheer squad…..while the bands are like “Joe’s Garage Band” from down the street or the middle school drill team its still cool that they are out and cheering you on. There are also a lot of spots along the course where your own personal fans can root you on. I plan to line up some people….if bribed, with money:)
Crossing the finish line in any race is a great feeling but the RnR does a great job of making it seem like you are running into a rock concert. Again music is blasting, pictures are being taken, you cross, they give you a medal and out you go… can hook up with all your adoring fans and then the good stuff…BEER…..get a cold one and enjoy the concert! See you running


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