Mommy Grace…by Jaime Menold

I define Mommy Grace as the encouragement you give yourself when you know you have fallen short in your day BUT you forgive yourself because being a Mommy is HARD. I am a HUGE supporter of Mommy Grace, I believe in it, I live it and now I am starting to wonder if I am abusing it. ONE area of it in particular, the MOMMY DIET.  Most of us know what the Mommy Diet is, finishing the fries on your childs plate, a handful of M&M’s here, the rest of a cookie or cupcake there…and that is the Mommy Diet. The Grace I give myself over the Mommy Diet has to end.  I have been WAY too easy on myself in this area and considering I am working pretty darn hard to get my body in shape it is sad that I have convinced myself that I “deserve” a glass of wine or dessert because of a crazy day.

Now, this is where you say “YOU DO Deserve said glass of wine or dessert”….but probably not everyday.  I have come to realize that everyday wine or dessert means everyday extra calories and most of them consumed at night so really no chance to burn them off, so that means EXTRA work out or some sort of skipped snack or meal which then starts a vicious cycle with ME that says “hey I didn’t have lunch I should have a glass of wine or desert”.  Has anyone read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….that is me in a nutshell.

I feel like now that I know it is a problem I am addressing it by scaling back on all levels. I am not a good diet person, BUT I think I can manage some substitutions here and there…and possibly limit my wine and sweets to once a week. It would be awesome to see some serious results after all this effort I am putting into exercise. Mommy Grace is still alive, but I am going to watch myself so that I don’t abuse the system. It is in place for a purpose and I want to keep it there.


One response to “Mommy Grace…by Jaime Menold

  1. Love it! I certainly practice Mommy Grace daily too. Good luck with the once a week dessert/wine. I tried to go for just the weekends, but that was pretty much impossible. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more will power.

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