Week Three Training Schedule MEET UP

Tuesday, March 30th

Central Park

6:30 pm

run 35min

Thursday, April 1st

Central Park

6:00 am

35 mins


Central Park. 1907 Park Drive NE, Issaquah. Meet in the parking lot next to the playground.  I will be out of town (Vancouver) on Tuesday and Thursday.   Please let me know if you are running  on Tuesday evening.  You will be the running captain!  Also, Hilary will be heading up the Thursday morning run.  Please let Hilary know if you will be there.

Saturday, April 3rd


8 am

5.5-6 miles (depends on body fatigue)

Greenlake.  Wanna carpool?  Let me know!  We will meet at the Starbucks by Fred Meyer at 7:20 am.

Starbucks Address

6100 East Lake Sammamish SE

Issaquah, WA 98029

Otherwise, meet at the Greenlake Community Center right across the street from Starbucks at 8 am. We will be running a mini IRON GIRL route.


7201 E Green Lake Dr. N

Seattle, WA 98115

ADDITIONAL RUN ON SATURDAY!  If you are unable to make the GREEN LAKE RUN.  Lindsey and Karen will be meeting at 7:30 at the FRED MEYER STARBUCKS.  Address listed above.  They will be running 2.5 out and back on the East lake Sammamish trail.


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