Running MOJO by Jaime


After our run on Tuesday night I thought about all of our individual preferences with regard to getting ready to run. The topic of chewing gum was brought up and I am certainly a fan. So what else helps me….
1. Running attire. This is a broad category so I will break it down.

*Shirt/Jacket: Needs to be light and loose. I do not like anything tight on me and I really don’t like noisy rain coats. I can’t wear fleece or anything too hot, and I would prefer a moisture wicking material so I am not completely drenched at the end of the run.

*Pants. They must stay ON! I can’t stand it when pants start to fall down as I move. I like capri pants the best. Also must have moisture wicking and POCKETS!

*Sports Bra. I like Nike. I have tried Lucy and Champion, but I like Nike.

*Socks. I don’t like ankle socks, but I hate it when they fall down so it needs to be a well fit, athletic sock that does not come up too high on my ankle. Medium thickness with arch support is my idea of perfection.

*Underwear. I want my granny panties. I do not like g*strings, they are uncomfortable to me while running. I have never gone commando, although I know a lot of running pants are made for that sort of thing. I do get very self conscious about panty lines so I typically try to wear boy shorts or go with the uncomfortable g*string. So no judging if you see my lines, just know I am very comfortable.

*Hats. I don’t like them…but I also don’t like hair in my face or rain drops. I feel like hats make me tired and they bring me down….maybe even a little claustrophobic?? I really like how hats look on other people, and it seems a lot easier than styling my pony, but I just have a hard time with them. This is an area I have not perfected and it is more about me being vein and worried about how I look, especially with all the picture taking going on…. I am very open to suggestions in this category.

2. Music. I enjoy running with music if I am alone, but I do not like ear phones. Ear phones on me fall out all the time. I have tried different brands and short of running with ear muffs on nothing works.

3. GUM. YES ,YES ,YES. Not only does it help pass the time, but it helps my mouth not get so dry and thirsty. I can remember two times I ran without gum and it was brutal.

4. Shoes. I am a believer, but not a follower. Sadly Shoes come down to price for me right now over comfort. I know hands down I am not wearing the right shoe, but, I also know that I am not really running the 1/2 so I am okay with that. NEXT time I will get the good ones!

5. STUFF. I hate running with stuff. I have to run with my asthma inhaler, but as you all know, we also have to run with car keys, watches and money. I don’t like to wear anything other than clothes while running.

So that is my extremely long and detailed running MOJO. It would be awesome if you all posted yours, it might even be helpful to learn what brands and what styles you have come up with to help you through!!


One response to “Running MOJO by Jaime

  1. Jaime,

    I certainly get that there has to be running mojo! I’m very particular about what I wear when I run! The most important thing for me is the jacket situation! If it’s raining…it cannot be a noisy, loose jacket…and the hood has to be just right. Oh…and it can’t be too warm!

    And if it’s just cold outside, I have to wear some sort of jacket, but it has to be fitted and quiet!

    My ears are extremely sensitive so I have to wear some sort of a dorky headband thing to keep them warm…but I also don’t want to sweat too much from it. I found one from Lulu that is really a head band to keep long hair back…but I use it to cover my ears…not too warm, but just right for those cooler runs! = )

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