Week One: Check!

Week one is done.  I am currently celebrating this achievement by nibbling on a dark chocolate ,sea salt graham cracker.

I need to find something else to celebrate each week with that will not subtract from my effort. I tried really hard to adjust my eating with this new training schedule.  No treats in the afternoon. No treats in the evening. I made it 72 hours.

…until Thursday when a chocolate chip cookie chased me down the grocery store aisle. That might be a slight exaggeration. 🙂 Okay, maybe it was more like I drove to the store for the sole purpose of sugar. But hey, there is ALWAYS a new week to start again.

Back to the first week of training, we ran a cumulative of nine miles which is a first for me. I have to admit that I  had a great deal more energy running in the morning rather than the evening run.  The picture on the left documents the six am morning run.  It was my first experience doing anything active while the sun was still sleeping.  It was quite peaceful though I imagine the neighborhood probably didn’t care for our laughter.

The best part of this week was this morning running with thirteen other women. It was awesome to have a flurry of conversation, high-fives and smiles all around.  I am firmly convinced that running alone is not an option in my life.

Can’t wait for week number two. But so glad that I have a day off before it begins.


One response to “Week One: Check!

  1. What an inspiring sight this morning in the Parking Lot at 7 eleven. I have to admit I did not want to run this morning. After a long week of sick kids,a traveling husband and not a lot of sleep, I had to drag myself out of my comfortable bed and repeat, “you need to run, you need to run, you need to run” several times before getting into the car. I wanted to stop running twice and kept moving for two reasons: 1. There were way too many footsteps around me and 2. I had to get home and shower so I could make it to an event at 10:30. Funny how faiure in front of others AND a PACKED schedule will motivate you.

    I did NOT feel like a runner today. I am hoping that once I get back to the workout schedule that I am used to I will feel strong again, but not today. Maybe it is good to give ourselves grace over times like these and realize that there will be a time when we are back on our game and feeling the running mojo….but again, NOT TODAY…

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